2017 Regional Advisories

DateAdvisory NoAdvisory TitleOfficeFile
1/11/2018RA 0106 S 2018International and National Seminar-Workshops of the Philippine Association for the Career Advancement of Educators (PACAE)CLMDDownload
1/3/2018RA 0105 S 201711th Science and Mathematics Quiz BowlCLMDDownload
12/21/2017RA 0104 S 20171st Mathematics and Sciences National Summit 2018CLMDDownload
12/27/2017RA 0103 S 2017The Basic of Research in Education: Pursuit Towards Providing Quality EducationPPRDDownload
12/18/2017RA 0102 S 2017Collecting IDLE Coins Being Kept by The PublicASDDownload
12/8/2017RA 0101 S 2017Review and Final Coaching Services for Consultancy ServicesASDDownload
11/29/2017RA 0100 S 2017Review Classes for the Examinee of the 2017 Principal's TestQADDownload
12/4/2017RA 0099 S 20172018 BE-MTS International Research ConferenceCLMDDownload
12/4/2017RA 0098 S 201710th Nihongo Quiz Bee for High School StudentsCLMDDownload
12/4/2017RA 0097 S 2017February 2018 Seminar-Workshop of the Institute of Leaders in Educational Advancement and DevelopmentCLMDDownload
11/28/2017RA 0096 S 2017Formation of Peer FacilitatiorsORDirDownload
11/20/2017RA 0095 S 2017International Leadership Summit in Inclusive Education Part 2 of the Teacher's GalleryORDirDownload
11/14/2017RA 0094 S 2017Philippine Cultural Education Program: 2017 Program ComponentsCLMDDownload
11/15/2017RA 0093 S 2017Collaborator's Meeting and On-going FormationORDirDownload
11/8/2017RA 0092 S 2017National Conference on Creativity and Innovation in Education: Innovative Teaching, Creative LearningCLMDDownload
11/8/2017RA 0091 S 2017Philhealth Poster Making ContestCLMDDownload
11/7/2017RA 0090 S 20173rd Compass Education STEM-Robotics CupCLMDDownload
11/7/2017RA 0089 S 2017The Annual Search for the Most Outstanding Science Club (Search 2017)CLMDDownload
10/30/2017RA 0088 S 2017Center for Human Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (CHRDF) Live-out ProgramsCLMDDownload
9/12/2017RA 0087 S 2017"Salamat Po" Letter Writing ProjectCLMDDownload
10/19/2017RA 0086 S 2017Postponement of the 8th PPRD Monthly Coorporation MeetingPPRDDownload
10/12/2017RA 0085 S 2017Collaborator's Meeting and On-Going FormationDownload
10/13/2017RA 0084 S 2017"Likha 2017:Letra,Tinta at Kulay pasa Salinlahi at Siyensya"ORDirDownload
10/13/2017RA 0083 S 2017Sing, Dance, and Play:Active Learning in the Preschool and Primary ClassroomsORDirDownload
10/13/2017RA 0082 S 20173rd Philippine Nuclear Youth SummitORDirDownload
10/3/2017RA 0081 S 20172017 Mathematics Upgrading ProgramCLMDDownload
10/3/2017RA 0080 S 20172017 MSP Cebu Research Congress and ConventionCLMDDownload
9/22/2017RA 0079 S 2017Provincial Chemistry OlympiadCLMDDownload
9/25/2017RA 0078 S 201725th Annual Meeting and Regional Scientific ConventionCLMDDownload
9/26/2017RA 0077 S 2017National Seminar Workshop on Basic Robotics and Automation and on Creativity and Innovatin in Education by the JNY Career Management Consultancy Co.ORDirDownload
9/18/2017RA 0076 S 2017Seminar Workshop on Teaching Statistics and Probability in the K to 12 Senior High School Curriculum and Developing an Action Research ProposalCLMDDownload
9/22/2017RA 0075 S 2017Roll-Out Program / Orientation Activity on the Implementation of Deped Order no. 48, S.2017 (Policy and Procedural Guidelines on the Certification, Authentication and Verification of Basic Education School Records)Download
9/12/2017RA 0073 S 2017Teaching Kits of OFW TeachersASDDownload
9/18/2017RA 0072 S 2017National University of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Information SessionORDirDownload
9/11/2017RA 0071 S 2017Cebu for Human Research and Development Foundation (CHRDF) Live-out National ConferencesORDirDownload
9/11/2017RA 0070 S 20173-Day National Seminar-Workshop on Career Guidance for Educators: Preparing the Filipino Youth for Tomorrow's CareersORDirDownload
9/6/2017RA 0069 S 2017Association of Science Educators in the Philippines (ASEP) Free Training WorkshopORDirDownload
9/7/2017RA 0068 S 201759th Annual National Convention of CMLI Junior/Senior Members and AdvisersCLMDDownload
9/7/2017RA 0067 S 20172017 National Science Club Month (NSCM) CelebrationCLMDDownload
9/6/2017RA 0066 S 2017Student-Centered Excellence: The Power of OBE SeminarORDirDownload
9/5/2017RA 0065 S 2017Invitation from Philippine Society of Youth Science Club (PSYSC) to the National Science Club Month (NSCM) ActivitesCLMDDownload
8/31/2017RA 0064 S 2017117th Philippines Civil Service Anniversary "6th CSRO7 Fun Run"ASDDownload
8/31/2017RA 0063 S 2017Advisory to all Private Entities Accredited Under the Department's Automatic Payroll Deduction System (APDS)ASDDownload
8/30/2017RA 0062 S 2017Civil Service Commission (CSC) Photography Contest Entitled "#MakuhaKaSaARTA"Download
8/30/2017RA 0061 S 2017Campus Tour on the Film Project Titled "MAGBUWAG TA KAY" (Main Actor: Rowell Ucat Known as Medyo Maldito)Download
8/4/2017RA 0060 S 2017The Basic Research in Education: Pursuit towards providing quality educationPPRDDownload
8/7/2017RA 0059 S 2017ABKD Annual Poster Making ContestCLMDDownload
8/7/2017RA 0059 S 2017Fourth International Conference of the International Council for Historical and Cultural Cooperation - Southeast AsiaDownload
7/31/2017RA 0057 S 201738th Annual National Grade School Convention of Children's Museum and Library, Incorporated (CMLI) Junior Members and Teacher AdvisersCLMDDownload
7/27/2017RA 0056 S 20173rd International Guidance Research Forum and WorkshopsORDirDownload
7/27/2017RA 0055 S 2017Saceda Youth Lead Set of Trainings for School Year 2017-2018ORDirDownload
7/11/2017RA 0054 S 20172017 Trainings of SMARTER Philippines, IncorporatedORDirDownload
7/10/2017RA 0053 S 2017Special Screening of "Tatlong Bibe" and "Old Skool" of the Road Show UnlimitedCLMDDownload
7/5/2017RA 0052 S 201734th ACM Founding AnniversaryORDirDownload
6/29/2017RA 0051 S 2017Pambansang Seminar-Worksyap sa Pagtuturo ng Wika at Panitikan 2017CLMDDownload
6/30/2017RA 0050 S 20172017 National Trainings of CiTech InstituteORDirDownload
6/19/2017RA 0049 S 20171th Collaborators' Meeting of the AY 2017-2018 of ACMORDirDownload
6/9/2017RA 0048 S 2017Series of Seminars and Trainings of HURISORDirDownload
6/20/2017RA 0047 S 201715th Echo-Folk Dance WorkshopCLMDDownload
5/9/2017RA 0046 S 2017Master of Arts in Applied Arts and Design As New Master's Program Offering of University of the Philippines CebuORDirDownload
5/17/2017RA 0045 S 2017La Casa Real de FitsGerald (LCRDF) Series of SeminarsORDirDownload
5/17/2017RA 0044 S 2017CESB Accredited Leadership Training Program for 2017ORDirDownload
5/17/2017RA 0043 S 2017Three-Day Lecture-Seminar on Social SciencesORDirDownload
5/17/2017RA 0042 S 2017Philippine Science High School National Competitive ExaminationORDirDownload
5/9/2017RA 0041 S 2017Colloquium on Research Excellence 2017 (CORE 2017)ORDirDownload
4/4/2017RA 0037 S 20172017 National Folk Dance WorkshopCLMDDownload
4/4/2017RA 0036 S 2017Christian Leadership Training SeminarORDirDownload
3/27/2017RA 0035 S 2017Regional Science Camp of the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs Inc.CLMDDownload
3/20/2017RA 0034 S 20172nd Adelante Creative WorkshopORDirDownload
3/27/2017RA 0033 S 2017Word Cup Philippines 2017 SeminarORDirDownload
3/16/2017RA 0032 S 20173rd Society for Technology in Education Philippines (STEP 2017) EdTech ConferenceCLMDDownload
3/16/2017RA 0031 S 20172017 Psycho-Education Program of the Children and Youth Wellness Technical and Advocacy Center, Inc.ORDirDownload
3/16/2017RA 0030 S 2017National Seminar-Workshop on Teachers EducationORDirDownload
3/9/2017RA 0029 S 2017Ed-Tech Innovation Summit 2017: "Harnessing the 21st Century Literacies through Digital Ideas Innovation"ICT UnitDownload
3/9/2017RA 0028 S 20172017 National Research Conference of Educators and Graduate StudentsORDirDownload
3/1/2017RA 0027 S 2017Viewing of the Film, 1st Sem of the Kayan Film ProductionORDirDownload
3/1/2017RA 0026 S 201739th Annual National Summer Conference and Workcamp of the CMLI Junior Members and Teacher AdvisersORDirDownload
3/1/2017RA 0025 S 2017Educators Congress 2017ORDirDownload
1/16/2017RA 0024 S 20172017 Search Convention of the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs Inc.CLMDDownload
2/17/2017RA 0023 S 201739th Annual National Physics Seminar-Workshop/Convention of the Philippine Physics Society and University of San Carlos Department of PhysicsCLMDDownload
2/17/2017RA 0022 S 2017Pambansang Seminar-Worksyap sa Filipino ng De La Salle University-Manila Departamento ng FilipinoCLMDDownload
2/17/2017RA 0021 S 2017Ikawalong Pambansang Kongreso sa Wikang Filipino ng Kapisanan ng mga Superbisor at Guro sa FilipinoCLMDDownload
2/17/2017RA 0020 S 2017National Seminar-Workshop on Values EducationCLMDDownload
2/16/2017RA 0019 S 2017Scholarship in Teacher Education Program to Upgrade Teacher Quality in the Philippines (STEP UP)ORDirDownload
2/16/2017RA 0018 S 201770th Annual Cebu Council Meeting (ACCM)ORDirDownload
2/16/2017RA 0017 S 201715th Batch of the Middle Managers Class of the Public Management Development ProgramORDirDownload
2/14/2017RA 0016 S 2017Ika-45 Pambansang Seminar-Gawaing Kapulungan sa Filipino ng Pambansang Samahan ng mga Tagamasid at Tagapagtaguyod sa Filipino (PASATAF)CLMDDownload
2/9/2017RA 0015 S 2017Archdiocesan Campus Ministry Sports Fest and Love Day 2017ORDirDownload
1/31/2017RA 0014 S 2017Carolinian Physics Society's Physics Olympics 2017CLMDDownload
1/27/2017RA 0013 S 2017Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certification Training ProgramORDirDownload
1/25/2017RA 0012 S 2017Vocation Campaign in SchoolORDirDownload
1/25/2017RA 0011 S 20171st International Leadership Summit and Seminar in Inclusive EducationORDirDownload
1/25/2017RA 0010 S 2017National Training of SHS Teachers on Strategies and Techniques in Teaching the Core Subjects of HUMSS, ABM, STEM Addressing the K-12 CurriculumORDirDownload
1/25/2017RA 0009 S 2017Applied Behavior Analysis: Improving Quality of Life of Children with Autism and Other Developmental DisabilitiesORDirDownload
1/25/2017RA 0008 S 2017"I Live by the Sea" International Photo ContestORDirDownload
1/17/2017RA 0007 S 2017The Magic of ScienceORDirDownload
1/16/2017RA 0006 S 2017Summer 2017 Seminar-Workshops of I.LEADORDirDownload
1/16/2017RA 0005 S 2017Annual Assembly and Professional DevelopmentORDirDownload
1/5/2017RA 0004 S 20172017 National Seminar-Workshops of the Philippine Pedagogical InstituteORDirDownload
1/3/2017RA 0003 S 20172nd International Seminar in Teacher EducationORDirDownload
1/3/2017RA 0002 S 2017Statistical Challenge XIX of the University of the Philippines Variaties (Inter-Secondary Statistical Quiz Show)CLMDDownload