2021 Regional Advisories

DateMemorandum NoMemorandum TitleOfficeFile
08/02/2021RA 0112 s. 2021National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) Department of Science and Technology RVIICLMDOPEN
07/30/2021RA 0111 s. 2021STEM Video ChallengeCLMDOPEN
07/29/2021RA 0110 s. 2021National Seminar on Rudiments of Research: From Beginner to ExpertPPRDOPEN
07/28/2021RA 0109 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Visayas Economic ConferenceCLMDOPEN
07/28/2021RA 0108 s. 2021PhilGeps Training Phase 1ICTUOPEN
07/26/2021RA 0107 s. 202140th National Folk Dance Workshop Virtual Edition and 3rd Indak Pilipinas: Virtual Folkloric Dance FestivalCLMDOPEN
07/26/2021RA 0106 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Casa Gorordo Museum and Gabii sa Kabilin WebinarsHRDDOPEN
07/23/2021RA 0105 s. 2021Search for the Mga Bagong Rizal (MBR)CLMDOPEN
07/23/2021RA 0104 s. 2021Council for the Restoration of Filipino Values 7th Annual Capacity BuildingHRDDOPEN
07/21/2021RA 0103 s. 2021NCCA 2022 Competitive Grants Call for ProposalsCLMDOPEN
07/21/2021RA 0102 s. 2021Conduct of Values Formation and Spiritual TransformationHRDDOPEN
07/21/2021RA 0101 s. 2021Announcing the Winners of the Philippine Math and Science Olympics (PIMSO) 2021 National Round Mathematics Category (International Champions in Education)CLMDOPEN
07/16/2021RA 0100 s. 2021Natasha Goulbourn Foundation (NGF) Mindstrong Mental Health WebinarsHRDDOPEN
07/16/2021RA 0099 s. 2021Strategic One Business Management Consultancy Firm Time Series and Forecasting In-Depth Seminar WorkshopHRDDOPEN
07/16/2021RA 0098 s. 2021Center for Human Research and Development Foundation, Inc. Training ProgramsHRDDOPEN
07/14/2021RA 0097 s. 2021Consultative Meeting with Partners and Tribal ChieftainCLMDOPEN
07/14/2021RA 0096 s. 2021Ybarra Training and Development Services Professional Development ProgramHRDDOPEN
07/14/2021RA 0095 s. 20212021 Youth Robotics Convention and Competition (YRCC) (Data Science and Technology Corp)CLMDOPEN
07/14/2021RA 0094 s. 20217th Annual Capacity Building Via Virtual WebinarCLMDOPEN
07/14/2021RA 0093 s. 2021Project Access Regional Assembly - Region 7PPRDOPEN
07/14/2021RA 0092 s. 2021Center for Human Research and Development Foundation's NEAP-Recognized Programs for Teachers and School HeadsHRDDOPEN
07/09/2021RA 0091 s. 2021DOST-SEI STAR Quarterly for April to June 2021 (Department of Science and Technology - Science Education Institute)CLMDOPEN
07/09/2021RA 0090 s. 2021Path-Finder V.A. Management Consultancy Services Webinar SeriesHRDDOPEN
07/09/2021RA 0089 s. 2021Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad (Math Olympiad's Training League, Inc.CLMDOPEN
07/09/2021RA 0088 s. 2021Time Series and Forecasting and Qualitative Data Analysis Using Freeware In-depth Seminar/Training WorkshopHRDDOPEN
07/09/2021RA 0087 s. 2021Online Workshop for Data Privacy Awareness and Compliance Privacy Impact Assessment and Cyber Security Threats and AttacksHRDDOPEN
07/05/2021RA 0086 s. 2021Online World Camp 2021 of the International Youth FellowshipESSDOPEN
07/01/2021RA 0085 s. 2021Announcing the Comparative Assessment of Applicants for the Supervising Administrative Officer (Finance Division) PositionOARDirOPEN
07/01/2021RA 0084 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Unang Pambansang Kumperensiya sa GinhawaCLMDOPEN
07/01/2021RA 0083 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] University and Technical-Vocational Edition of the Career Guidance and Employment SummitCLMDOPEN
07/01/2021RA 0082 s. 2021Nationwide Science Communication Competition of the Philippine Science High School (PSHS)CLMDOPEN
06/28/2021RA 0081 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Invitation to the Online Book Launching of TIGOMCLMDOPEN
06/25/2021RA 0080 s. 2021Announcing the Results of the 2021 Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad (HKMO) Heat Round (Math Olympiad's Training League, Inc.)CLMDOPEN
06/25/2021RA 0079 s. 2021Cebu islandwide On-the-Spot Essay Writing ContestCLMDOPEN
06/24/2021RA 0078 s. 2021Beyong Webinars: Intensive Capacity Building Programs for School Administrators, Teachers and Parents in the New NormalHRDDOPEN
06/24/2021RA 0077 s. 2021Development Academy of the Philippines 2021 Online Training OfferingsHRDDOPEN
06/24/2021RA 0076 s. 2021Educators' Congress and Seminar Workshop on Designing Learning ExperienceHRDDOPEN
06/22/2021RA 0075 s. 2021UNESCO Club Webinar Series 5 on the theme "Leadership Literacies: Piling Pili, Pinong Pino"HRDDOPEN
06/22/2021RA 0074 s. 2021Call for Participants to the 2021 National IT Online Bootcamp for Youth with DisabilitiesCLMDOPEN
06/21/2021RA 0073 s. 2021Invitation for Intermediate Statistical Analysis In-Depth Training WorkshopPPRDOPEN
06/21/2021RA 0072 s. 2021Online Workshop for Breach Response and Cyber SecurityHRDDOPEN
06/21/2021RA 0071 s. 2021PhilGEPS Training for Phase 1HRDDOPEN
06/10/2021RA 0070 s. 2021Statistical Tools Enablement In-Depth Training WorkshopHRDDOPEN
06/07/2021RA 0069 s. 2021Philippine Nath and Science Olympics-International CompetitionsCLMDOPEN
06/04/2021RA 0068 s. 2021Free Workshop for Teachers and Principals - Maximizing Technology in Teaching Araling Panlipunan and FilipinoCLMDOPEN
06/02/2021RA 0067 s. 2021International Lecture Marathon in Transformative Education & Demonstration Teaching FestivalHRDDOPEN
05/31/2021RA 0066 s. 2021Paanyaya Para sa Sertipiko sa Panitikan at Malikhaing Pagsulat sa FilipinoCLMDOPEN
05/27/2021RA 0065 s. 2021Youth Empowerment Summit with the theme: "Break Free: Overcoming Your Fears Towards the Great Success"HRDDOPEN
05/27/2021RA 0064 s. 2021Announcing the Comparative Assessment of Applicants for the Education Program Supervisor (QAD) PositionOARDirOPEN
05/26/2021RA 0063 s. 2021Application of N Blessing Farm and Integrated Agritech Learning Center to Participate in the Joint Delivery Voucher Program for Senior High School Technical - Vocational Livelihood (JDVP-SHS-TVL) SpecializationsCLMDOPEN
05/26/2021RA 0062 s. 2021Educators' Link National and International Professional MagazinePAUOPEN
05/24/2021RA 0061 s. 2021Chada Assist ApplicationICTUOPEN
05/24/2021RA 0060 s. 2021Free Virtual Teachers' Training on Least-Mastered Reading Competencies (Security Bank Foundation, Inc.)CLMDOPEN
05/20/2021RA 0059 s. 2021PHILGEPS Training Phase 1ICTUOPEN
05/19/2021RA 0058 s. 2021Series of Webinars from STRAND-ASIA Inc.HRDDOPEN
05/19/2021RA 0057 s. 2021International Training on Digital Workplace Leadership: An Online Training Course for Non-Teaching Personnel in an Educational OrganizationHRDDOPEN
05/19/2021RA 0056 s. 2021International Seminar Workshop on "Recalibrating Distance Education for the Next Normal" and on "Leadership for Non-Teaching Personnel for the Better Normal"HRDDOPEN
05/17/2021RA 0055 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] MYS: Socializing with our Social Scientists (National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines)CLMDOPEN
05/17/2021RA 0054 s. 2021[URGENT] Free International Webinar Marathon on Education with the theme: Synergizing Challenges in Education in the New NormalHRDDOPEN
05/17/2021RA 0053 s. 2021Asia Pacific Association (APA) Educators Training Institute Series of Seminars/Workshops and ConferencesHRDDOPEN
05/17/2021RA 0052 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Learning Program on "Transforming Education for the Future: Reshaping What it Means to Educate"HRDDOPEN
05/14/2021RA 0051 s. 2021Komunidad Kontra COVID 3.0 Vaccine Awareness Campaign T-Shirt Design ContestESSDOPEN
05/11/2021RA 0050 s. 2021Panawagan sa Abstrak: Unang Pambansang Kumperensiya sa GinhawaCLMDOPEN
05/10/2021RA 0049 s. 2021Robotics Coding Workshop for Teachers (Creotec Philippines, Inc.)CLMDOPEN
05/03/2021RA 0048 s. 2021PHILGEPS Training Phase 1ICTUOPEN
04/29/2021RA 0047 s. 2021Asia-Pacific Conference on Research and Education 2021HRDDOPEN
04/28/2021RA 0046 s. 2021International Seminar Workshop on Basic Education for Better NormalHRDDOPEN
04/20/2021RA 0045 s. 2021Three-Day "International Webinar on Korean Language Education: A Benchmarking for Foreign Language Program Development"CLMDOPEN
04/16/2021RA 0044 s. 20212021 Online Summer Kids CampESSDOPEN
04/16/2021RA 0043 s. 2021Values Restoration ProgramHRDDOPEN
04/13/2021RA 0042 s. 2021Tertulyang PampanitikanCLMDOPEN
04/12/2021RA 0041 s. 2021Spoken Word Poetry CompetitionCLMDOPEN
04/08/2021RA 0040 s. 20217th HSM: Hanep sa Science at Math (UP-Association of Chemistry Majors and Enthusiasts)CLMDOPEN
04/07/2021RA 0039 s. 2021Training Inclusions, Schedule and Investment of Astoria Culinary and Hospitality InstituteCLMDOPEN
04/07/2021RA 0038 s. 20213-Day National Online Conference and Demo Teaching FestivalHRDDOPEN
04/07/2021RA 0037 s. 2021Samahan ng Manlilikha ng Sayaw sa Pilipinas, Inc.: Webinar Workshop SeriesCLMDOPEN
04/06/2021RA 0036 s. 2021[URGENT] University of San Carlos Physics Days 2021CLMDOPEN
04/05/2021RA 0035 s. 2021National Campus Media Olympiad 2021HRDDOPEN
03/26/2021RA 0034 s. 2021Project Access Regional Assembly and ConsultationPPRDOPEN
03/26/2021RA 0033 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] International Youth Fellowship PhilippinesHRDDOPEN
03/18/2021RA 0032 s. 2021International Training on Improving the Teaching and Learning Process Through Educational Measurement and EvaluationPPRDOPEN
03/15/2021RA 0031 s. 2021CHRDF Professional Development ProgramsHRDDOPEN
03/15/2021RA 0030 s. 2021Breach Response and Cyber Security WorkshopHRDDOPEN
03/15/2021RA 0029 s. 2021Leaders Autonomous International 2021 ActivitiesHRDDOPEN
03/12/2021RA 0028 s. 2021PCW Webinar Series on GADHRDDOPEN
03/12/2021RA 0027 s. 2021Southeast Asian Institute of Educational Training, Inc.HRDDOPEN
03/11/2021RA 0026 s. 2021Invitation for Statistical Analysis Using RPPRDOPEN
03/10/2021RA 0025 s. 2021Global Peace Foundation PhilippinesHRDDOPEN
03/10/2021RA 0024 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Center for Human Resource and Development Foundation Inc.HRDDOPEN
03/09/2021RA 0023 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Three-Day International Online Training-Workshop on Effective Coaching Techniques for Basic and Advance Mathematical Problem SolvingCLMDOPEN
03/08/2021RA 0022 s. 2021Announcing the Comparative Assessment of Applicants for Education Program Specialist II (HRDD) PositionOARDirOPEN
03/08/2021RA 0021 s. 2021Announcing the Comparative Assessment of Applicants for Administrative Officer IV (Finance Division) PositionOARDirOPEN
03/05/2021RA 0020 s. 2021ABM Cup Regional EliminationsHRDDOPEN
03/03/2021RA 0019 s. 2021National Youth Commission (NYC) Youth Development Trends No. 2 Series 2021ESSDOPEN
03/01/2021RA 0018 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Meet Your Scientists (MYS) on Wildlife (National Academy of Science and Technology)CLMDOPEN
03/01/2021RA 0017 s. 2021Online Conference on "Panimulat: Magsulat.Mag-ulat. Mamulat!" (UPLB Development Communicators' Society, Inc.)CLMDOPEN
02/26/2021RA 0016 s. 2021Talaang Ginto: Makata ng Taon 2021CLMDOPEN
02/23/2021RA 0015 s. 2021Panawagan sa Pagsusumite ng mga Papel Para sa Journal ng Pandiwa 2021CLMDOPEN
02/23/2021RA 0014 s. 2021Dangal ng Panitikan 2021CLMDOPEN
02/17/2021RA 0013 s. 20211st Annual UC-MEDTECH Poetry Writing Contest 2021CLMDOPEN
02/17/2021RA 0012 s. 2021LAGSIK-WIKA: Serye ng Webinar sa Pagdodokumento ng mga Katutubong WikaCLMDOPEN
02/17/2021RA 0011 s. 2021Webinar on Values Restoration ProgramHRDDOPEN
02/16/2021RA 0010 s. 2021Gabii sa Kabilin WebinarsHRDDOPEN
02/16/2021RA 0009 s. 2021Beyond Webinars: Intensive Capacity Building Programs for School Administrators, Teachers and Parents in the New NormalHRDDOPEN
02/04/2021RA 0008 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Webinar for Teachers on Basic Life Coaching 101HRDDOPEN
02/04/2021RA 0007 s. 2021International Conference on Teaching StrategiesHRDDOPEN
02/04/2021RA 0006 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] PHILGEPS Buyers TrainingHRDDOPEN
02/04/2021RA 0005 s. 20214th Asia Pacific Conference on Curriculum Studies and Instructional Designing (APCCSID)PPRDOPEN
02/02/2021RA 0004 s. 2021Philippine Math and Science OlympicsCLMDOPEN
01/25/2021RA 0003 s. 2021Invitation to Compete in International Mathematical OlympiadCLMDOPEN
01/19/2021RA 0002 s. 20213rd National Demo-Teaching FestivalCLMDOPEN
01/18/2021RA 0001 s. 2021International Online Seminar-Workshop-Conference on Fostering Positive Learning in the New NormalHRDDOPEN

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