2021 Regional Memoranda

DateMemorandum NoMemorandum TitleOfficeFile
02/23/2021RM 0120 s. 2021Request on SPED DataCLMDOPEN
02/22/2021RM 0119 s. 2021Quarterly Conference with CID ChiefsCLMDOPEN
02/22/2021RM 0118 s. 2021Survey for Teachers with Disability in the New NormalCLMDOPEN
02/22/2021RM 0117 s. 2021[URGENT] Virtual Seminar on "LAMI!" Aphrodisiacs, Poisons, and Healing in Precolonial Visayas 500 Years AgoESSDOPEN
02/22/2021RM 0116 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Virtual Meeting on the School-Based Feeding ProgramESSDOPEN
02/22/2021RM 0115 s. 2021Virtual Conference on the Wellness Campus Program ImplementationESSDOPEN
02/22/2021RM 0114 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Brown Bag Session on Division Progress Monitoring Report in the Implementation of Basic Education - Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) for School Year 2020-2021PPRDOPEN
02/23/2021RM 0113 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] [UPDATED] Webinar on Financial Literacy for TeachersESSDOPEN
02/22/2021RM 0112 s. 2021Delivery Points of Grade 4-10 Quarters 3 and 4 SLMS from Central Office and Identification of Corresponding Temporary StorageCLMDOPEN
02/22/2021RM 0111 s. 2021STRAND Interface on Programs and Guidelines (SIPAG) Conference 2021ESSDOPEN
02/22/2021RM 0110 s. 2021PASIDUNGOG 2020 Winners’ Virtual ConferenceHRDDOPEN
02/19/2021RM 0109 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] AKAP Guro Connected's COVID 19 Vaccines Education CampaignESSDOPEN
02/19/2021RM 0108 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Orientation on the Collection of Relevant Data of SPED CentersCLMDOPEN
02/17/2021RM 0107 s. 2021Dissemination of/Alignment with the BIDA Solusyon Plus sa COVID-19 CampaignESSDOPEN
02/17/2021RM 0106 s. 2021International Conference on Dance ResearchCLMDOPEN
02/17/2021RM 0105 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] List of Nurse-in-Charge and Dentist-in-ChargeESSDOPEN
02/17/2021RM 0104 s. 2021Online Application for Course Recognition for the Conduct of Online Training Courses for Adults in ScoutingORDirOPEN
02/17/2021RM 0103 s. 2021Gawad sa Ulirang Guro sa Filipino 2021HRDDOPEN
02/16/2021RM 0102 s. 2021Search for the Most Innovative Teaching and Learning Resources in Science and MathematicsHRDDOPEN
02/16/2021RM 0101 s. 2021Online Appointment for the Conduct of Online Panel Interview for the Completion of ALT and LT RequirementsORDirOPEN
02/16/2021RM 0100 s. 2021Online Database for Trained Adults in ScoutingORDirOPEN
02/16/2021RM 0099 s. 2021BP Cyberjamb 2021: Celebrating the Founder's Legacy Under the New Normal (BP's 164th Birthday)ORDirOPEN
02/12/2021RM 0098 s. 20212021 International Youth Fellowship (IYF) Online Global CampESSDOPEN
02/12/2021RM 0097 s. 2021Promotion and Dissemination of #KidsProtectKids CampaignESSDOPEN
02/11/2021RM 0096 s. 2021SEAMEO QITEP Scholarship ProgrammesHRDDOPEN
02/11/2021RM 0095 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] NEAP-Recognized Professional Development Programs and Courses Acceptance LetterHRDDOPEN
02/11/2021RM 0094 s. 2021Submission of Calendar Year (CY) 2021 Technical Assistance (TA) PlanFTADOPEN
02/11/2021RM 0093 s. 2021Canvass of Electrical Materials to be Used for Various Electrification ProjectsESSDOPEN
02/10/2021RM 0092 s. 2021Online Prelude of an Intensive Training on the Conduct of Mathematical Investigations and Modelling in the ClassroomCLMDOPEN
02/10/2021RM 0091 s. 2021[URGENT] Adolescent Health Webinar SeriesESSDOPEN
02/09/2021RM 0090 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant Aid (JDS) for FY 2021-2023HRDDOPEN
02/09/2021RM 0089 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Workshop on Continuous Improvement (CI) Program PolicyHRDDOPEN
02/09/2021RM 0088 s. 2021Clarification on Bidder Requirements for DepEd Electrification and Solar ProjectsESSDOPEN
02/08/2021RM 0087 s. 2021National Assembly of Supreme Student Government (SSG) Division Federation OfficersESSDOPEN
02/08/2021RM 0086 s. 2021Re-Organization of Regional Scout Committee, Local Council Executive Board and Submission of Council ProfileORDirOPEN
02/08/2021RM 0085 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Request Participation in COL-LIBER-ART-ION: Malaysia-Philippines Webinar SeriesCLMDOPEN
02/08/2021RM 0084 s. 20212021 Scout Membership Growth Campaign Program (SMGCP)ORDirOPEN
02/08/2021RM 0083 s. 20212021 Calendar of Scouting Events and ActivitiesORDirOPEN
02/08/2021RM 0082 s. 2021Invitation to Join the National Arts Contest in Celebration of the 65th Anniversary of Peace Treaty Between Philippines and JapanCLMDOPEN
02/08/2021RM 0081 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) Joint Regional Task Force (JRTF) Leveling MeetingsPPRDOPEN
02/09/2021RM 0080 s. 2021Updating of the Projects in the Enhanced Project Information Management System (PIMS)ESSDOPEN
02/08/2021RM 0079 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Performance Evaluation and Planning of 3rd Level OfficialsORDirOPEN
02/05/2021RM 0078 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Dissemination of DepEd Task Force COVID-19 Memorandum No. 98 s. 2020 Entitled "New Schedule and Additional Guidelines on the Conduct of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services for the Opening of Classes, School Year 2020-2021"ESSDOPEN
02/05/2021RM 0077 s. 2021National Orientation on Career Guidance Program (CGP) for School Year 2020-2021CLMDOPEN
02/05/2021RM 0076 s. 2021Consultative Conference, Launching and Webinar for the Circle of Innovators for LearningCLMDOPEN
02/05/2021RM 0075 s. 2021Values Restoration ProgramCLMDOPEN
02/05/2021RM 0074 s. 2021Cascading of the COVID-19 Vaccination Training to the School Health and Nutrition Personnel and Other Internal StakeholdersESSDOPEN
02/05/2021RM 0073 s. 2021Guidelines on the Contextualization of the K to 3 Q3 Self-Learning ModulesCLMDOPEN
02/05/2021RM 0072 s. 2021Career Guidance Program (CGP) for School Year 2020-2021CLMDOPEN
02/04/2021RM 0071 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program for 2021HRDDOPEN
02/03/2021RM 0070 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Program Implementation Review Continuation on Integrated School Nutrition Model (ISNM)ESSDOPEN
02/03/2021RM 0069 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Learning Continuity and Safe School Operations SurveyPPRDOPEN
02/03/2021RM 0068 s. 2021Nomination for Appointment as Members of the Commissioner Staff at the Regional and Local Council LevelsORDirOPEN
02/03/2021RM 0067 s. 2021Addendum and Corrigendum to National Office Memorandum #12, s. 2021 re: Reorganization of Regional Scout Committee, Local Council Executive Board and Submission of Local Council ProfileORDirOPEN
02/03/2021RM 0066 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Conference of Division Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) Focal PersonsFTADOPEN
02/03/2021RM 0065 s. 202130th National Arts Month CelebrationCLMDOPEN
02/02/2021RM 0064 s. 2021Notice of Meeting for Region VII ITOs First Quarter MeetingICTUOPEN
02/02/2021RM 0063 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Meeting of the Program Management Team on the Review of Additional Curriculum for Learners with Visual and Hearing ImpairmentCLMDOPEN
02/02/2021RM 0062 s. 2021Feminine Hygiene Program Moving Together School Caravan SY 2020-2021ESSDOPEN
02/02/2021RM 0061 s. 2021Regional Office Indicative Calendar of ActivitiesPPRDOPEN
02/02/2021RM 0060 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Online Submission of Database of DepEd Focal Persons for Pag-Ibig Fund Billing PurposesASDOPEN
02/02/2021RM 0059 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Launching of the SY 2020-2021 Edition of Wellness Campus ProgramESSDOPEN
02/02/2021RM 0058 s. 2021School Inside a Garden (SIGA) Program Coordination MeetingESSDOPEN
02/02/2021RM 0057 s. 2021Program Implementation Review on Integrated School Nutrition Model (ISNM)ESSDOPEN
02/02/2021RM 0056 s. 2021Rewards & Recognition (R&R) Focal Persons’ Virtual ConferenceHRDDOPEN
02/02/2021RM 0055 s. 2021 LDM Readiness Midline Assessment, and Submission UpdatesHRDDOPEN
02/01/2021RM 0054 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Submission of the 2021 Schools Division Office's Learning and Dvelopment (L&D) PlanHRDDOPEN
02/01/2021RM 0053 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Continuous Improvement (CI) Program Online ConferenceHRDDOPEN
01/29/2021RM 0052 s. 2021[URGENT] Conference on the Contextualization of K to 3 Quarter 3 SLMsCLMDOPEN
01/29/2021RM 0051 s. 2021Orientation on the Results-Based Performance Management System for School Year 2020-2021HRDDOPEN
01/28/2021RM 0050 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] 2021 MAPEH Calendar of Activities and DeliverablesCLMDOPEN
01/27/2021RM 0049 s. 2021National Adoption and Implementation of the Philippine Professional Standards for SupervisorsHRDDOPEN
01/27/2021RM 0048 s. 2021SEAMEO Regional Center for Education in Science and MathematicsHRDDOPEN
01/27/2021RM 0047 s. 2021LDM Readiness Midline Assessment and Submission UpdatesHRDDOPEN
01/26/2021RM 0046 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Conduct of Online Regional Federated Election for Supreme Pupil and Student Government (SPG & SSG) and Teacher-AdvisersESSDOPEN
01/26/2021RM 0045 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Orientation and Conduct on the Survey on the Most Influential Learning Competencies (MELCs) ImplementationCLMDOPEN
01/26/2021RM 0044 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Strategic Planning Conference for the CY 2021 Alternative Learning System (ALS) ImplementationCLMDOPEN
01/26/2021RM 0043 s. 2021Philippine International Mathematical Olympiad (PhIMO)CLMDOPEN
01/25/2021RM 0042 s. 2021[URGENT] Virtual Meeting on Regulatory and Developmental Services of Private SchoolsQADOPEN
01/25/2021RM 0041 s. 2021[URGENT] Participants to the Second Series of the National Virtual Orientation on the Use of DepEd Sports ManualESSDOPEN
01/25/2021RM 0040 s. 2021Review on the Additional Curriculum for Learners with Visual and Hearing ImpairmentCLMDOPEN
01/23/2021RM 0039 s. 2021Guidelines for Work Immersion Implementation During Crisis SituationCLMDOPEN
01/23/2021RM 0038 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Virtual Training on COVID-19 Vaccination for the School Health and Nutrition Personnel of DepEd Region 7ESSDOPEN
01/22/2021RM 0037 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Orientation on the Special Program in the Arts and Sports Monitoring and Evaluation Guidelines/ToolCLMDOPEN
01/21/2021RM 0036 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Performance Management Team (PMT) for Third Level Officials in DepEd Region VIIORDirOPEN
01/21/2021RM 0035 s. 2021Tide Turner Plastic Challenge (TTPC) Awareness WebinarORDirOPEN
01/21/2021RM 0034 s. 20212021 Scouts Go Green Challenge (Tree Planting and Nurturing Contest)ORDirOPEN
01/21/2021RM 0033 s. 2021Submission of Recommendations for the 2021 BSP National AwardsORDirOPEN
01/20/2021RM 0032 s. 2021[URGENT] 2021 International Youth Fellowship (IYF) Online World CampESSDOPEN
01/20/2021RM 0031 s. 2021Division Research Coordinators and BERF 2020 Grantees ConferencePPRDOPEN
01/20/2021RM 0030 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Rewards & Recognition (R&R) Focal Persons’ Virtual ConferenceHRDDOPEN
01/19/2021RM 0029 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Learning Action Cell (LAC) Monitoring and Tracking TemplateHRDDOPEN
01/18/2021RM 0028 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Conference-Workshop on the Development of CY 2021 Technical Assistance (TA) PlanFTADOPEN
01/15/2021RM 0027 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Series of Activities in Preparation for the Additional Curriculum Review for Learners with Visual and Hearing ImpairmentCLMDOPEN
01/15/2021RM 0026 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Development and Quality Assurance of Contextualized Learning Resources for Mathematics and Science in the Key Stage 1CLMDOPEN
01/15/2021RM 0025 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Reporting of ICT Gadgets Donated by LGUs and Other Donors During the COVID-19 PandemicORDirOPEN
01/15/2021RM 0024 s. 2021[URGENT] Bureau of Learning Delivery Program Implementation Review In Light of the Basic Education Learning Continuity PlanCLMDOPEN
01/15/2021RM 0023 s. 2021[URGENT] Strategic Planning on the Implementation of Mathematics CurriculumCLMDOPEN
01/15/2021RM 0022 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Conduct of the Second Round of DEACO Regional WebinarORDirOPEN
01/15/2021RM 0021 s. 2021Liquidation of the Second Tranche of Honoraria for Project Officers and Assistant Project Officers in the Scout Membership Growth Campaign Program for 2020ORDirOPEN
01/15/2021RM 0020 s. 2021Local Council Charter Fee for FY 2021ORDirOPEN
01/15/2021RM 0019 s. 2021Guidelines on the Implementation of the Results-Based Performance Management System for School Year 2020-2021HRDDOPEN
01/13/2021RM 0018 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Free Virtual Teachers' Training of Security Bank Foundation, Inc. Relative to the Twenty (20) Educational Videos Produced Aligned with the Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs)ESSDOPEN
01/13/2021RM 0017 s. 2021Request for a Complete List of Subsisting Engagements on Education (Memorandum of Agreement [MOA], Memorandum of Understanding [MOU], Memorandum of Cooperation [MOC]) with International Organizations and Partner Countries and OthersESSDOPEN
01/12/2021RM 0016 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Strategic Planning on the Implementation of Science CurriculumCLMDOPEN
01/11/2021RM 0015 s. 2021Extension of Deadline for Submission of Nominees for the SEAMEO
Innotech’s Online Version of the Southeast Asian School Leadership
Program (SEA-SLP)
01/11/2021RM 0014 s. 2021SEAMEO RELC Scholarship ProgrammeHRDDOPEN
01/11/2021RM 0013 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Programs, Activities and Projects (PAPs) for FY 2022PPRDOPEN
01/08/2021RM 0012 s. 2021Addendum to Regional Memorandum No. 473 S. 2020 (Repository of Locally Developed Learning Resources)CLMDOPEN
01/07/2021RM 0011 s. 2021[VERY URGENT] Human Resource Development Section (HRDS) Incumbents Virtual ConferenceHRDDOPEN
01/07/2021RM 0010 s. 2021SDO Quarterly Coordination MeetingPPRDOPEN
01/07/2021RM 0009 s. 2021Finalization of Grade 2 Bridging Primer LM and TGCLMDOPEN
01/07/2021RM 0008 s. 2021Virtual Conference with the Grade 1 Primer e-Book DevelopersCLMDOPEN
01/07/2021RM 0007 s. 2021Regional Webinar/Workshop on the Preparation of CY 2020 Year-End Financial ReportsFinance DivisionOPEN
01/07/2021RM 0006 s. 2021Submission of Nominees for the Development Academy of the Philippines-Public Management and Development Program for the Senior Executives Class (Batch10)HRDDOPEN
01/06/2021RM 0005 s. 2021Dissemination on Limandaan: The 2021 Quincentennial Commemoration in the PhilippinesASDOPEN
01/06/2021RM 0004 s. 2021Coordination Meeting of Division School-Based Management (SBM) CoordinatorsFTADOPEN
01/06/2021RM 0003 s. 2021National Zero Waste MonthESSDOPEN
01/06/2021RM 0002 s. 2021[URGENT] DRRM Coordination MeetingESSDOPEN
01/05/2021RM 0001 s. 2021Submission of Early Childhood Development(ECD) Checklist ResultsCLMDOPEN

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