2022 Regional Advisory

DateAdvisory No Advisory TitleOfficeFile
5/23/2022RA 0097 s. 2022Global Rank Top 3 from Cebu City National Science High School in the Copernicus International Olympiad (International Champions in Education, Inc.)CLMD DOWNLOAD
5/20/2022RA 0096 s. 2022Abrasahan 2022: EMMS Scholastic Quiz (Engineering Mathematics and Science Society)CLMD DOWNLOAD
5/17/2022RA 0095 s. 2022Nominasyon para sa Kampeon ng Wika 2022 at Dangal ng Wikang Filipino 2022CLMD DOWNLOAD
5/12/2022RA 0094 s. 2022International Seminar-Workshop in EducationHRDD DOWNLOAD
5/12/2022RA 0093 s. 20221st National and International Webinar Module-Based and Video-on-Demand Activities in Teaching, Leadership and Skills Training for EducatorsHRDD DOWNLOAD
5/6/2022RA 0091 s. 2022URGENTBasic Occupational Safety & Health CourseHRDD DOWNLOAD
5/6/2022RA 0090 s. 2022International Training for Teachers: Innovative Approaches on Teaching Science, Mathematics, and English for a Better New Normal with Paper Presentation and Demo TeachingHRDD DOWNLOAD
5/6/2022RA 0089 s. 2022"Beyond Borders: The Magazine of Global Innovators"CLMD DOWNLOAD
5/6/2022RA 0088 s. 2022Fundamentals of Strategic Planning and Execution Training & Designing and Implementing a Monitoring and Evaluation System WorkshopsHRDD DOWNLOAD
5/2/2022RA 0086 s. 2022VERY URGENT1st International Multidisciplinary Research ConferencePPRD DOWNLOAD
5/2/2022RA 0085 s. 2022National and International Competitions (International Champions in Education, Inc.)CLMD DOWNLOAD
4/27/2022RA 0084 s. 20221st Humanities and Social Sciences Pedagogical ExchangeCLMD DOWNLOAD
4/27/2022RA 0083 s. 2022VERY URGENTEenvestigation 2022: Seeking for Footprints of FutureCLMD DOWNLOAD
4/27/2022RA 0082 s. 2022International Conference on Values and Religious EducationHRDD DOWNLOAD
4/27/2022RA 0081 s. 2022National Gawad Tamaraw: Search for Outstanding Teachers and Master TeachersHRDD DOWNLOAD
4/27/2022RA 0080 s. 2022A Workshop on Understanding Reasonable Accommodation for PWDsHRDD DOWNLOAD
4/25/2022RA 0079 s. 2022Gokongwei Brothers Foundation TeachSTEM Scholarship ProgramHRDD DOWNLOAD
4/22/2022RA 0078 s. 2022KulturaSerye Talk on DisinformationPAU DOWNLOAD
4/17/2022RA 0077 s. 20223rd Academic CongressCLMD DOWNLOAD
4/18/2022RA 0076 s. 2022International Online Conference on Fostering Positive Learning in the New NormalHRDD DOWNLOAD
4/18/2022RA 0075 s. 2022International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary StudiesHRDD DOWNLOAD
4/18/2022RA 0074 s. 20221st Virtual International Conference on Innovations and EducationHRDD DOWNLOAD
4/18/2022RA 0073 s. 2022Awarding Ceremony for the Search for Huwarang Guro 2022 and Outstanding Global Leaders and Educators 2022 - Global Leaders and Educators AwardsHRDD DOWNLOAD
4/9/2022RA 0072 s. 2022Teacher Incentive Program By National Book StoreESSD DOWNLOAD
4/9/2022RA 0071 s. 2022VERY URGENTVisayas Convention Leg of the #SimulanNatin2022 Online ConventionESSD DOWNLOAD
4/6/2022RA 0070 s. 20221st Philippine Dance Sport Training Camp Cebu 2022ESSD DOWNLOAD
4/6/2022RA 0069 s. 20228th HSM: Hanep sa Science at Math (University of the Philippines Association of Chemistry Majors and Enthusiasts)CLMD DOWNLOAD
4/6/2022RA 0068 s. 2022Special Assembly and Psycho-Social Support ActivityCLMD DOWNLOAD
4/2/2022RA 0067 s. 2022National Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) - A System for DepEd's K-12 Positive Discipline Campaign Training Workshop Level 1HRDD DOWNLOAD
3/31/2022RA 0066 s. 2022VERY URGENTWorld Robot Games 2022 Philippine Qualifying Regional & National Games (Data Science and Technology Corporation)CLMD DOWNLOAD
3/30/2022RA 0065 s. 2022Security Bank Foundation, Inc. Remaining Webinar SeriesCLMD DOWNLOAD
3/30/2022RA 0064 s. 2022Pambansang Kumperensiya Para sa mga 'Di-Gradwadong Mag-Aaral ng Sikolohiyang PilipinoCLMD DOWNLOAD
3/28/2022RA 0063 s. 2022VERY URGENTWomen: Where Are You and Where Do You Want To Be? (Webinar organized by the National Academy of Science and Technology)CLMD DOWNLOAD
3/28/2022RA 0062 s. 2022CHRDF Inc. Educator's Congress 2022PPRD DOWNLOAD
3/25/2022RA 0061 s. 20222022 BE-MTS International Research Conference (Basic Education-Math Teachers' Society Inc.)CLMD DOWNLOAD
3/23/2022RA 0060 s. 2022Regina Coeli Educational Assistance ProgramCLMD DOWNLOAD
3/22/2022RA 0059 s. 2022URGENT2022 Young Inventors Challenge Special Edition (Association of Science, Technology and Innovation (ASTI))CLMD DOWNLOAD
3/18/2022RA 0058 s. 2022Ped Xing Film FestivalCLMD DOWNLOAD
3/18/2022RA 0057 s. 2022KaKaSa Ka Ba? 2022 TalasKaSaysayan, KaSanaysayan, at KASplayCLMD DOWNLOAD
3/18/2022RA 0056 s. 20222022 Search for the Brightest Star for Science and Math Teachers (Department of Science and Technology-SEI)CLMD DOWNLOAD
3/18/2022RA 0055 s. 2022Region VII Winners in 2021 Philippine Mathematics and Science Olympics (International Champions in Educations, Inc.)CLMD DOWNLOAD
3/14/2022RA 0054 s. 2022Silver Medal Awardee from Cebu City National Science High School in the Newtonian International Physics Olympiad Challenge (Global League of Winners, Inc.)CLMD DOWNLOAD
3/14/2022RA 0053 s. 2022GALACST International ConferenceHRDD DOWNLOAD
3/11/2022RA 0052 s. 2022UPDATEDAnnouncing the Comparative Assessment of Applicants for Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Position in the Administrative Service Division (ASD)OARDir DOWNLOAD
3/11/2022RA 0051 s. 2022VERY URGENTApplied Behavior Anaylsis Webinar WorkshopsHRDD DOWNLOAD
3/11/2022RA 0050 s. 2022VERY URGENTThe Teachers and the 2022 ElectionsLegal Affairs Unit DOWNLOAD
3/11/2022RA 0049 s. 2022Patalasanlahi 2022CLMD DOWNLOAD
3/10/2022RA 0048 s. 2022VERY URGENTPhilippine Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO) ConcertCLMD DOWNLOAD
3/10/2022RA 0047 s. 2022Development Academy of the Philippines 2022 Online Training OfferingsHRDD DOWNLOAD
3/10/2022RA 0045 s. 2022Three-Day Internation Virtual Conference on Multi-Disciplinary Research and Paper Presentation in PakistanHRDD DOWNLOAD
3/10/2022RA 0044 s. 2022U.P. Filipiniana Dance Group Annual Auditions 2022CLMD DOWNLOAD
3/10/2022RA 0043 s. 2022Meet Your Scientists: Gane-changing Women in Science (National Academy of Science and Technology)CLMD DOWNLOAD
3/7/2022RA 0042 s. 2022Ika-48 Pambansang Seminar ng Gawaing-Kapulungan sa FilipinoCLMD DOWNLOAD
3/7/2022RA 0041 s. 2022Virtual Impromptu Speech Contest (Palm Grass-The Cebu Heritage Hotel)CLMD DOWNLOAD
3/7/2022RA 0040 s. 2022VERY URGENTOnline Career ExpeditionCLMD DOWNLOAD
3/4/2022RA 0039 s. 2022Three-Day Internation Virtual Conference on Multi-Disciplinary Research and Paper Presentation in PakistanHRDD DOWNLOAD
3/3/2022RA 0038 s. 2022Announcing the Result of the 2021 World International Mathematical Olympiad (Math Olympiads Training League Incorporated)CLMD DOWNLOAD
3/3/2022RA 0037 s. 2022MATHventure 2022: Player One (Ateneo Mathematics Society)CLMD DOWNLOAD
3/3/2022RA 0036 s. 2022Iternational Mathematical Olympiads (Math Olympiads Training League Incorporated)CLMD DOWNLOAD
3/2/2022RA 0035 s. 2022URGENTPNVF-Volleyball Officiating, Rules of the Game Refresher Course and Accreditation: A National Level CourseESSD DOWNLOAD
3/2/2022RA 0034 s. 2022Magister Servus-House Training ProgramsHRDD DOWNLOAD
3/1/2022RA 0033 s. 20226-Day Inclusive Design TrainingCLMD DOWNLOAD
3/1/2022RA 0032 s. 2022The 9th National Geology Congress (UP Geological Society, National Institute of Geological Sciences)CLMD DOWNLOAD
3/1/2022RA 0031 s. 2022Time Series and Forecasting Using Freeware and Opensource Training WorkshopHRDD DOWNLOAD
3/1/2022RA 0030 s. 2022Sustainability in this Pandemic WebinarHRDD DOWNLOAD
2/21/2022RA 0029 s. 2022Makatao at Maka-Pilipino: #JWDiokno100 Tiktok CompetitionCLMD DOWNLOAD
2/18/2022RA 0028 s. 2022Kawad Edukampyon for Local GovernanceORDir DOWNLOAD
2/18/2022RA 0027 s. 2022Panawagan Para sa Papel: Diwa 8CLMD DOWNLOAD
2/18/2022RA 0026 s. 2022VERY URGENTGawad Alunig x Dalumat and INVENTouring Invitation (Department of Science and Technology-TAPI)CLMD DOWNLOAD
2/17/2022RA 0025 s. 2022113th Philippine Dental Association Annual Convention and Scientific SessionsHRDD DOWNLOAD
2/16/2022RA 0024 s. 20222022 Shanghai International Invention and Innovation Exhibition (World Invention Intellectual Property Association)CLMD DOWNLOAD
2/15/2022RA 0023 s. 2022Development Academy of the Philippines Alternative Learning System-Education Skills Training ProgramCLMD DOWNLOAD
2/9/2022RA 0022 s. 2022Online Training in Bosh for SO1HRDD DOWNLOAD
2/9/2022RA 0021 s. 2022Invitation to Participate in the Geology Summit (UP Geology Major's Society, National Institute of Geological Sciences, UP Diliman)CLMD DOWNLOAD
2/8/2022RA 0020 s. 20222022 World Talk & Authorship: Lecture Series & PublicationHRDD DOWNLOAD
2/8/2022RA 0019 s. 2022Beyond Books Publication Conference and Leadership SummitHRDD DOWNLOAD
2/8/2022RA 0018 s. 2022Security Bank Foundation, Inc. Training SessionsHRDD DOWNLOAD
2/7/2022RA 0017 s. 2022DepEd OULAPP Advisory (January 31, 2022) Submission of the FY 2022 Partnership Data Reports on the Enhanced DepEd Partnerships Database System (DPDS)ESSD DOWNLOAD
2/4/2022RA 0016 s. 2022Panawagan sa Kontribusyon sa DIWA 8CLMD DOWNLOAD
2/4/2022RA 0015 s. 2022Liknayan 2022 ( PHYSIKA, UP Applied Physics Society)CLMD DOWNLOAD
2/3/2022RA 0014 s. 2022International Academic CompetitionsCLMD DOWNLOAD
2/3/2022RA 0013 s. 2022Data Storytelling and Visualization In-Depth Training WorkshopHRDD DOWNLOAD
1/24/2022RA 0012 s. 20221st International Multidisciplinary Virtual Research ConferenceHRDD DOWNLOAD
1/24/2022RA 0011 s. 20228th Regional, National, and International Webinar Module-Base Activities in Capacitating Education, Leadership, Research, and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals for Teachers, School Leaders, Scholars, Researchers and ProfessionalsHRDD DOWNLOAD
1/19/2022RA 0010 s. 2022Adjustment of Schedule and Extended Registration of PISIKAALAMAN 2022CLMD DOWNLOAD
1/14/2022RA 0009 s. 2022SCCE Training Center List of Webinar/Workshop Offered for 2022HRDD DOWNLOAD
1/14/2022RA 0008 s. 2022Data Science Workshop 2022HRDD DOWNLOAD
1/14/2022RA 0007 s. 2022Institute of Leaders in Educational Advancement and Development (i.LEAD) Webinar WorkshopsHRDD DOWNLOAD
1/14/2022RA 0006 s. 2022PHILGEPS Training for Phase 1ICTU DOWNLOAD
1/12/2022RA 0005 s. 2022International Seminar and Training of All Teachers and School Managers in the Context of InnovationsHRDD DOWNLOAD
1/12/2022RA 0004 s. 2022Center for Human Research and Development Foundation, Inc. Professional Development ProgramsHRDD DOWNLOAD
1/12/2022RA 0003 s. 2022International Researchers and Educators Organization Incorporation Virtual International Recognition ProgramsHRDD DOWNLOAD
1/12/2022RA 0002 s. 2022Executive Education in Leadership Development ProgramHRDD DOWNLOAD
1/7/2022RA 0001 s. 2022Invitation to Participate in the Robotics Coding Camp and Competition 2022CLMD DOWNLOAD

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