“Mag-aaral ng K to 12: Handa sa Hamon ng Buhay” (K to 12 Learners: Ready to Face Life’s Challenges) “

DepEd’s School Year 2017-2018 will soon be ending and every stages where learners will move on to the next level is punctuated with a celebration of triumph. Then, what reigns in their hearts is a fervor to repeat the experience of success with vigor preparations for what will come next. I sincerely wish to tap every shoulders of our school learners, teachers, school administrators and other DepEd officials for exhaustively sweating all efforts off, beating every inch of impediments, and curbing all potential threats to success. Congratulations, batch 2017-2018! And, shout out to yourselves and to all the ladders that bridged your efforts to a greater sense of fulfillment!

DepEd’s transformation has come into terms with enduring every amount of birth pains brought by the implementation of the K to 12 Curriculum, confronting all positive, negative and something in between occurrences of such leap in the history of Philippine Education, and sustaining this for continuous improvement. However complex and tedious, DepEd has now reaped a realization of its initial accomplishment from what has been persevered since 2013 — its K to 12 pioneering batch of SY 2017-2018. Kudos to sustained goals anchored with solidified means to uphold the ultimate development of our Educational System. Readiness to life’s challenges is among the most prized objectives of the Enhanced Basic Education. It radiates from discovering the fullest of our learners’ potentials to sustaining the formation of their career/profession.

Thank you for the sincere and consistent cooperation. You are a product of DepEd’s toil and persistence. May you continue to justify and own your readiness to surpass life’s greatest obstacles.

Again, Congratulations!


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