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Greetings of Love & Peace! to each & everyone.

School Year 2020-2021 has been the most challenging year in education. All been struggling to survive in all aspects. But our beloved Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones lead the baton that education must continue amidst whatever crisis we will be facing. And so, here we are, celebrating one of the most precious achievement/accomplishment that you have, your graduation & moving up ceremonies.

It is one fleeting sense of pride & joy to be able to celebrate with all of you, for your bravery, resilience, perseverance, and commitment that push you to experience what we have today.

Our beloved, most precious gems, dear learners, just wanted to let you know that you are doing great. It is not easy to be learners with all the pressure in today’s world, the more in this trying times due to pandemic, how you hurdle your lessons remotely thru distance learning of varied modalities, the fear & ¬¬¬¬¬scare of the virus due to negative publicity & many more. But you survive & victorious. So, don’t lose your heart if you find things difficult.

Today, the world is so tested. It is high time that you put all your learnings into action. Never be a bystander watching as the world takes a paradigm shift. Take the wheel. Collectively, the youth are stronger than any pandemic known to men.

Remember, everyone is a student of life as we all keep learning something or the other throughout our lives. So, keep the faith & believe in yourselves. Work hard & work smart too & with the right focus & determination you will see that goals are not impossible to achieve, just have a clear plan, and whenever detours come your way, don’t be afraid, face them with conviction, that those are part of the pitfalls where we cannot evade. Be strong & let your education & learnings with God be your shield.

And don’t forget to thank the most honest persons in your life – those who can say & tell you exactly what you are doing, either good or bad. Those who guide you sincerely to the path you want to walk on, who always with you in times of your successes & downfalls. They are your parents, teachers, relatives & best friend. So, learners, congratulations. You hit the mark on your timeline.

To all our parents & guardians, your contribution towards the realization of the once dreams of your children is so great. Sustain it & you will see & harvest the fruits of it sooner than later. Thank you for partnering with DepEd thru your children’s education. Congratulations!

To the school, I know how you struggle also especially that the world was shock of what happened & nobody was prepared – There were so many how’s & why’s but you are able to navigate it until reaching its destination. Whatever is the experience & hardships, what is more important is the outcome of what you have done. My salute to you.

To our teachers, school heads, supervisors & non-teaching personnel, you did a great job worthy of emulation, I am so proud of you;

To the SDOs, I am so happy of what your division accomplished for SY 2020-2021. Your efforts doesn’t go to vain, now it comes into fruition. Kudos.

To everyone, always have the SMILE in you.

See Miracles In Life Everyday & you’ll be filled with positivity in thoughts & actions.

Congratulations once again.

Keep safe & God bless everyone.


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