My warmest greetings to the Class of 2023 for the successful culmination of your academic endeavors.

This milestone attests to the hard work and perseverance you have exemplified as you embark on another journey leading you to the realization of your aspirations of a better life and a better future.

I join your families and academic communities in celebrating this achievement.

We recognize their valuable role in your growth and development as well-rounded individuals — preparing you to face the demands of higher learning or navigate the complexity of life as successful professionals.

I am with you in forging a path toward progress even as you continue to live by the tenets that have guided you in your academic training and inspired you to pursue excellence as young leaders.

May the knowledge and skills you have gained serve as your springboard for greater success and inspire you to become catalysts of transformative social growth within your respective communities.

I hope you will realize the depth of your potential and the power that you now possess as young educated Filipinos — and use this not only to achieve your dreams and change your lives for the better, but also help our fellow Filipinos and our country.

As future leaders and builders of our nation, may you become persistent, determined, and committed to the fight for peace, security and stability, the ending of poverty, the campaign to give Filipino children access to basic education, the protection of the environment, the promotion of health and nutrition, and many other challenges that we are facing today.

Consistent with our vision in the MATATAG agenda, we will continue to promote programs and uphold reforms that will nurture resilient mindsets so that we can hone young Filipinos

The grit and resilience of Filipino learners amid the difficulties of everyday life will continue to inspire us and empower us in building an education system that responds to the changes of our time.

Through an inclusive education that is forged by a positive learning environment, I am optimistic that we can continue to produce competent young citizens like you who will help steer our nation’s path to sustainable development.

Let this milestone remind us of the indispensable role of education in charting the course of our youth’s future and in harnessing their potential to become outstanding individuals.

This year’s graduates have done a great job of channeling their passions into endeavors that will enrich their pursuits and advance their respective vocations and professions.

As you move into the next chapter of education and leave the halls of your alma mater, it is my hope that you will unceasingly work hard to become active stakeholders in our nation-building efforts.

Together with our academic partners in all education levels, let us remain committed to promoting our youth’s strong sense of nationalism so they can be part of a productive and responsible citizenry that will help chart the path of our nation’s

Again, congratulation to the Class of 2023!

May you continue to pursue your ambitions with zeal, persistence, and excellence and use it to create a better future for all.

Sama-sama tayong magsumikap abutin ang ating layunin: Bansang makabata, batang makabansa.

Lahat- para sa Diyos, bayan, at pamilyang Pilipino.



Vice President of the Philippines
Secretary of the Department of Education