Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

• Info-Text System

What is Info-Text System?

It is a Text Broadcast System in partnership with Smart Communications that helps disseminate information and collect feedback through a customized text message. Customized text message similar with the text messages from NDRRMC.

Who can receive a text broadcast from DepEd RO7?

Currently, only the community members registered by the Content Providers of the various functional divisions of the regional office. In the future, we may include all DepEd personnel in the region.

Who can send a text message to DepEd RO7 through Info-Text?

Anyone who wishes to send a text message may do so. All they need to know is the feedback keyword of the concerned office they wish to send.

What are feedback keywords?

A: These are codes pre-assigned to a functional division or unit/section.

Functional Division/Unit/Section
Feedback Keyword
Disaster Risk Reduction Management Section r7drrmfeedbk
Payroll Services Unit r7psufeedbk
Finance Division r7fdfeedbk
Quality Assurance Division r7qadfeedbk
Policy, Planning and Research Division r7pprdfeedbk
Field Technical Assistance Division r7ftadfeedbk
Human Resource Development Division r7hrddfeedbk
Curriculum and Learning Management Division r7clmdfeedbk
Education Support Services Division r7essdfeedbk
Administrative Services Division r7adminfeedbk

How to send a message?

When sending a message, make sure you have the correct feedback keyword and follow the syntax. Send it to 744433767.

• To send a message to Payroll Services Unit:

<feedback keyword><space><Name>/<Employee No.>/<Station Code>/<Division Office><space><your message>

Example: r7psufeedbk Juan Dela Cruz/123456/001/Bohol Good AM. There is an overdeduction in my salary. Kindly check. Thank you.

• To send a message to the Finance Division:

<feedback keyword><space><Name>/<Division Office><space><your message>

Example: r7fdfeedbk Juan Dela Cruz/Cebu City Good AM. Have you downloaded the funds for Asatidz? Thank you.

• To send a message to Quaity Assurance Division:

<feedback keyword><space><name>/ <school>/<school id>/<division office> <your message>

Example: r7qadfeedbk Juan Dela Cruz/Region Private School/342586/Cebu City Good AM. What is the status of our request for renewal?

• To send to the other offices in the region, get the appropriate feedback keyword and follow the syntax below:

<feedback keyword><space><Name>/<Division Office><space><your message>

Is there any document or guide that I can refer to in case I forget the syntax?

Yes. Please visit the regional website for helpful infographics about Info-Text (

Is there a load deduction when I send a text message to Info-Text?

Yes. One peso (₱1.00) is deducted from your load for every message sent regardless of network.

Online Helpdesk

What is DepEd RO7 Online Helpdesk?

It is an internet dependent tool using Google Forms that allows DepEd personnel of Region VII to send inquiries and reports to the regional office.

How can I access the Online Helpdesk?

Online Helpdesk is accessible via the regional website.

  1. In your browser, key in
  2. Once in, go to the Helpdesk auxiliary tab.
  3. Click Online Helpdesk Form.
  4. A form will be opened in a new tab.
Is there a requirement before I can use the tool?

Yes. The requestor must have a DepEd email ( This is to properly identify that the requestor is a bonafide member of the agency.

I do not have a DepEd email, what should I do?

Please contact your Information Technology Officer (ITO). He/She will create your email account once Personnel Section confirms that you are a qualified DepEd personnel.

What are the services available in the Online Helpdesk?

Currently, we have Admin Services, QAD Services, and Submission of Reports. Additional services will be available in the updated version of the tool.

  • Admin Services
    • Payroll Services
      • Request for Payslip
      • Inquiry
    • Authority to Travel
  • QAD Services
    • Request for Temporary Permits
    • Request for Renewal Permits
    • Request for Government Recognition
  • Submit Reports
Why do I need to provide email address and mobile number?

Your contact details are essential so that the regional personnel can respond/reach out to you for updates related to your transaction.

What are the reports allowed?

Duly signed office reports required or requested by the Region.

Is there any specific file type and file size that the system allows?

Yes. The system allows only one (1) PDF file of up to 10GB.

I have multiple files. What should I do?

Combine all files into one PDF file. Ensure that it is not more than 10GB.

How do I know the status of my transaction?

After you click submit, an automated email containing your Ticket Number will be sent to the email address you provided in the form. Visit the regional website ( Go to Helpdesk and click on Track Your Request. Search the status of your transaction using the Ticket Number provided in the email.

My transaction is updated to PENDING. What does it mean?

If your request is set to PENDING, it means that there is an information or file that is missing or lacking. The personnel-in-charge of your request will notify you of the details.

I have completed the lacking information/requirement, do I need to submit another ticket?

No. Please send a reply to the email sent to you by the person-in-charge. Explain or attach the lacking requirement. DO NOT file another request.

The status says my request is ENDORSED to the Division Office. What does it mean?

It either means that the appropriate office to address your concern is the Schools Division Office (SDO) or the Region needs an endorsement or action from the SDO. In this case, please contact the SDO for follow-up.

The status says my request is ENDORSED to another functional division within the region. What does it mean?

It means that your concern can be best addressed by the appropriate functional division.

I want to ask for a copy of my payslip. What should I do?

Payslips are given every month to teachers and division personnel through SDOs. Please check with your SDO.

I already received my payslip but I still need one more copy. Am I still allowed?

We use a special paper to print payslips. Re-printing it incurs time and resources. Because of this, the region requires a certification from the school head and attestation from the Division Administrative Officer stipulating the purpose of the request for payslip. Depending on the reason and the nature of the request, the Payroll Services Unit may or may not grant your request.