Perseverance. Determination. Hard Work are the three inseparable components that are likely to be observed to determine success.

My sincerest salutations to all who have toiled for the triumph of the school year 2023-2024 educational journey of every Filipino learner. The sturdy and adaptable support of the school leaders, teachers, parents, and relevant stakeholders has made this far-reaching and meaningful milestone.

This year’s theme of the End-of-School-Year (EOSY) rites, “Kabataang Pilipino Para sa Matatag na Kinabukasan ng Bagong Pilipinas,” manifests the truest quintessence of being MATATAG that promises a brighter future head-on.  This underpins the three equally important word; Kabataan, kinabukasan, and Pilipinas.

KABATAANG PILIPINO highlights acclamation that each one of you, being young deserves acclamation of being regarded as the backbone of future progress, carrying  innovation, change, and leadership potentials gained as offshoot of your scholastic discourses in the classroom.

MATATAG NA KINABUKASAN stresses the goal of establishing a robust and stable future that each one has to hold, suggesting initiatives aimed at creating long-term benefits, stability, and resilience in various aspects of life.

BAGONG PILIPINAS implies a vision for a transformed or improved nation, which reflects aspirations for positive changes and reforms in the country.

Your completion or graduation marks not only a conclusion but also a fresh kickoff that is brimming with opportunity. We honor and acknowledge your perseverance, determination, and hard work which you used as shield to overcome the challenges while acquiring your education. Today is the moment of reaping what you have sown for achieving this milestone. CONGRATULATIONS!

Each one is now armed with essential knowledge, values, and skills through:

  • THE FOUNDATIONAL LITERACIES gained which guide you how you may apply core skills in everyday tasks;
  • THE COMPETENCIES learned which show how you may approach complex challenges; and
  • CHARACTER QUALITIES imbued that you may use in approaching changing environment.

May this theme remind you of the responsibility that comes with your education. It is a call to action for you to be dynamic participants in nation-building, to innovate, and to lead with heart and compassion. The future of our country is in your hands. I am confident that you will rise despite the challenges you will face in your next educational journey. KUDOS!


Director IV
Regional Director