To my teaching and non-teaching workforce, learners, parents and my comrades in education, congratulations on a job well done for the School Year 2021-2022! I am forever grateful for your continuous support in contributing to our nation building through education. Provision of quality education is a commitment many people recognize yet only a few truly embody. So, if you are one of those who make ‘provision of quality education’ a way of life, thank yourselves for being an accomplice to the success of our nation building. I would like to culture this so-called ‘commitment in education’ because this shall pave us in realizing our vision, mission and goals, and sustain us in our future undertakings. We are part of the developments of our Philippine Government. And it is time to prove that. Be not only an ambassador for education or a part of the education industry, be also an implementer and a target hitter! For we can only be either two of them: the one who makes or the one who breaks.

Director IV
Regional Director