Regional Director’s Message for Graduation 2020

Sulong EduKalidad: Pagtataguyod sa Kinabukasan ng Bayan (Sulong EduKalidad: Championing the Nation’s Future)

Quality for our fates, for our future, for our nation!

Acquiring them is entirely dependent on our efforts to advocate quality education amid greatly challenged students and teachers who, with no choice, need to walk (back and forth) miles of distance only to attend daily class engagements for more than 200 school calendar days; Achieving them is to assert quality education to students who already have passed their school-age, but continued schooling anyway; to students who cannot make it in a formal education setting, but fought for ways to attend mobile class sessions and other alternative delivery modes; to students who, despite their special needs, have managed to complete all learning requirements and even showcased unique skills and talents. Attaining our future is to insist the feasibility of quality education among teachers who also have different personal and work-related challenges. It is in this sense that winning quality education is overcoming difficulties at hand and even amidst their impossibility to be surpassed; because, it must exist with both ways. The ideal part is disabling these challenges, yet the best part is opting to surpass what seemed impossible and working our way up to a feat.

The remaining months of this School Year 2019-2020 may have had the most number of social, economic and health crises. Yet, our learning communities must realize that triumphs in the implementation of our Philippine Basic Education co-exists with these crises. The challenges are not at all what we have left in our tables. There have also been merits in DepEd’s mandate and its call for a quality, relevant, accessible, and liberating basic education. It may have had to shorten the required number of school day attendance and some have foregone the conduct of final examinations, but it has never forsaken its responsibility to impose just conclusions to its school year. Since, the priority is on sustainability— keeping our teachers and learners safe and hence, sustaining our education community.

To all completers and graduates of School Year 2019-2020, be proud of this one- of-a-kind commencement rites—the first in the history and definitely a new trend! All these, going virtual did not make graduation rites less of its essence. What does is forgetting to celebrate what ought to be celebrated. DepEd Region VII is sincerely supporting all remaining education endeavors, for they sustain, our existence, our learning communities, our nation and our future.


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